• Social Media Optimization (SMO)is an required part of digital marketing at no cost.
  • SMO has been playing a great role in growing business to business holder over the last decade.
  • The important reasons of SMO are Ensures a Strong Presence on the Web,Increases the Reach,Drive More Traffic,Lead Generation and Improves Search Engine Ranking.
  • Benefits of social media optimization are Increased brand awareness,Higher conversion rates,Cost-effective,Customer satisfaction and Brand loyalty.
  • Social media marketing (SMM) is useful for individuals as well as companies to explore their product and service
  • In social media marketing (SMM), a type of online advertising is done by social media apps like Instagram,Facebook,Twitter & so on.
  • These platforms allow work to interact with their customers in order to
    build a community of followers to share and interact with content, increase sales, attract traffic to a website, and establish a brand.